Saturday, March 21, 2009

bachelorette partay!

Nurse's gone wild II!!!!!

Brit and Amanda

Toping off pole dancing with drinks at The Outlaw. Fun country bar,
Ummmm where I witnessed my first bar fight!

The bride-to-be all decked out in her gear: penis veil, bridal sash,
penis straw, penis cupcake, and bachelorette tiara!

Me working my way around the pole, which was one
of the hardest workouts I have ever had...yet!

Yummy penis cupcake topped with sprinkles!

WE were also priveleged to learn how to lap dance, so unfotuantely I will have to stick those skills in my back pocket till it is time to reveal them! (wink-wink)


Jen said...

You call yourself a nurse . . . you can't even spell penis? WTH! LOL! That was tooooo fun!

Lisa said...

silly girls....I hope you remembered who you are!