Tuesday, June 23, 2009

twilight 5k fun

Tawn, Joy, and I went for a twilight run up in south ogden city tonight!
It was my first race and my first 5k! I was super fun and the endorphins were flowin'!
Out of all the wonderful pedicure offers, massage, and club memberships,
JoyLyn won a prize for a costume rental.

We wore our twilight movie gear in support!
Thanks to Lisa Hansen for snapping our couple of shots...... and for the use of the facilities!
(only me, do those dumb things happen to) hahahaha


Jenn said...

WTG Amanda. That is awesome. You look great. I miss you tons. We definetely need to hook up soon.

Lisa said...

just glad that you didn't get emotional on the 5K...hee hee

Sara said...

you go girl! that's awesome!!! when did you start running.