Tuesday, June 16, 2009

road trippin' it

here's a little bit of texas and louisiana for all ya'll!

waffles are what is for breakfast in TEXAS.

harold maccaulay arthur everyone!

does anyone else have a grandma with hair this long?!

ahh our sunday best! TENDER!



JoyLyn said...


bobbi said...

Nice tub picture, gave me the goose bumps! :-)

Lisa said...

that last pic gave me gas....way too much of you nakedness--heehee

Jen said...

Love the pancake and the bubbles! LOL!

Luke and Nat said...

Hey... i want to get the texas waffle iron for my parents...they'd eat that up in Houston...can you believe they have been down there for 10 yrs? do tell where you got it! :)I'll be up in SL to pick up Luke from the airport Thurs...is that a good day to get together?

Gail said...

Oh NO, you did NOT post a picture of you taking a bath! lol