Thursday, January 15, 2009

cheers to jeff & mel !

Ahhhhhhhhh Precious. The day started off with a beautiful marriage ceremony in the Bountiful temple. Then the weather could have not been more perfect, shining sun and crisp cool!
The reception hall was decorated in wonderful snowflakes. The kids had huge puzzles to put together that turned out to be pictures of Melanie and Jeff! Freakin' Brillant! Melanie's two boys gave a testament that there new dad was a angel walking among them. It brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks Mel for letting me share your day with you!


Peebles Family's Foorprints said...

you look beautiful

Gail said...

ok - this freaked me out to see that "Jeff and Melanie" got married...what are the chances 2 people with the very same names as 2 of my kids would marry each other???? ha ha!

Neeleyfam said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am so happy for Melanie!